Creative design


The creative design stage is likely to begin with the designer creating sketches or visuals which will be used to communicate their initial ideas and concepts to a client. When the client is satisfied with the plans the design team will often move on to technical drawings or plans (usually done using AutoCAD software), which a builder or fit-out company can use to start the construction process. 3D modelling and rendering software (such as Rhino and 3ds Max) is also used to help bring a project to life.

In commercial projects, a building regulations application will have to be made, which involves a professional (either a licensed consultant or a council employee) looking over the technical drawings to ensure they satisfy health, safety and efficiency requirements. Bigger building projects will require actual planning permission from the relevant local authority.

Adjustments to the designs are likely to be made along the way as briefs can alter (clients have been known to change their minds) halfway through a project. This will also have an impact on the budget and could impact on the proposed completion date.

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